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Ellie Todd-Nichol
Recruiting Team Assistant - Insurance

Hello! I’m a Recruiting Team Assistant at Sanford Rose Associates – Newman Group.

In addition to my work with Newman Group, I’m also a student at Pittsburg State University, where I’m pursuing a degree in Insurance Risk Management.

I love that my current role in recruiting allows me to merge my field of study in insurance with my love for people. It is a unique niche, and one that’s perfect for me!

One of the things I’ve appreciated since I’ve been with Newman Group is the whole team’s focus on being open and honest with both candidates and our clients. I spend a lot of time talking with candidates, and I can tell you that no one here is trying to pull one over on you.

My goal is always to work in the best interest of the candidates I interact with, acting kind of like a guide to help them make the best decisions for their career – whether that means a new position or staying put.

When I’m not working, in class, or doing homework, I read – a lot. My favorite genre right now is fiction. I also like to paint – I’ve even done a few murals for organizations in my area.

If you’re considering what your next career step looks like and would like to talk to someone who will be on your side – or you have a book recommendation – send me a message here on LinkedIn or get in touch by email or phone. I’d love to connect!