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Jennifer Zielinski
Recruiting Team Assistant

Jennifer, who was born in Dallas, spent her early years in East Texas where she lived on a 50-acre rural farm with horses and other animals. She then earned a bachelor’s degree from Kansas City’s Avila University. She continued on to the University of Missouri in Kansas City to finish her graduate work.

She has spent the previous 19 years working in the education sector. Jennifer also spent time as an instructor for St. Mary University and Baker University, two distinct universities in the Kansas City area. She devoted her time mentoring and guiding aspiring teachers during this time. Jennifer has been recognized for her ability to work well in groups, lead peers, effectively manage project timelines, and leverage technology to improve efficiency. Her achievements are built on a solid foundation of enthusiasm, resilience, proactive communication, exceptional organization, and a layer of grit and creative problem solving to deliver results. 

Jennifer changed careers to apply her well-honed abilities in a different field, and she has since come to work as an assistant recruiter with Sanford Rose Associates – Newman Group.  Jennifer believes that her lifetime of serving families and students in the educational sector will give her a unique perspective on assisting people in making good career decisions not only for themselves, but also for their family situations – every job has an impact on a family in some way. 

Jennifer cherishes her time spent with her spouse and their two young adult children. She also enjoys riding horses with a passion. If you are looking for her, check the barn first. She’s been an avid equestrienne since her childhood. Connecting with animals has a remarkable way of teaching life skills such as perseverance, patience, and the ability to keep trying. It is never a waste of time to do what you love.