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In the fourth grade, Kristi received an award from her elementary school. The category? Responsibility. Being the trusted sidekick is not only in her nature, it’s become her passion. Most people want to be front and center as Batman, but she wants to be Robin, the person that comes alongside the visionary, understands the mission, and helps Batman forge the path forward.

To her, that’s what Operations truly is– wearing a ton of hats and making sure every little detail is handled behind the scenes in order for everything to run smoothly. Kristi first fell in love with Operations and Project Management at the FBI, where she led a team of up to 36, overseeing all administrative departments and focusing on the development of people through hiring, training, and mentoring.

The FBI was a wonderful, foundational chapter of her career and she came away with a ton of great stories. Unless the FBI is reading this, then no she didn’t.

Kristi spent the past few years in the startup world where she’s held leadership roles in Operations and has helped companies in the Marketing and PR spaces grow and scale through the building and improvement of processes, client journey refinement, and the development of teams through HR practices, talent acquisition, and culture initiatives.