Interviews: How to Spot the X-Factor in a Candidate

Interviews: How to Spot the X-Factor in a Candidate

If you want to find exceptional candidates in the insurance industry, you’ll need to focus more on exposing their intangible attributes, like true engagement, business intelligence and an inquisitive mind. Hiring managers can assess these uncommon traits through deeper questioning and by creating a different level of interaction during the in-person interview. Here’s some tips to think about for your next interview.

Passion for the Business

Hiring managers should be looking for candidates who have the right heart and passion for the business. There will be candidates who genuinely want to help improve your business rather than simply receive a paycheck. They will portray a keen enthusiasm for the industry that others lack. This type of candidate is truly invested in the interview process. Watch for a deeper level of knowledge from the candidate during the interview to identify this trait. They are interested in what’s beneath the job description.

Asking Thoughtful Questions

Even though there will be some candidates who ask all the “right” questions, be on the lookout for those who ask the most interesting questions. For instance, someone who’s asking deeper level questions will be interested in the people, processes, past and future successes, and influences. Candidates with the x-factor are often doing more of the asking; they are engaged with the interviewers and the process. They ask probing questions because they’re truly interested in a mutual fit. They show their intellect through the types of questions they ask; they are not the typical, expected questions. When you encounter this type of candidate, the difference is palpable.

Business Intelligence

There’s often an additional level of business intelligence to the candidate who asks unexpected questions that illustrates they are an industry insider and they know how to contribute to the interview process at an elevated level. Because they are really invested in the opportunity and the company – they have developed a level of industry business intelligence that puts them head and shoulders above other candidates for the opportunity. They are analyzing and putting the pieces together as they’re speaking to the hiring manager. This type of candidate leaves the interview with a coherent understanding of the role and the company, and their fit within both; and most importantly how they can make an immediate impact.

Emotional Intelligence

Another quality that can’t be underestimated is emotional intelligence. Some candidates don’t make it very far in the process because of their lack of emotional intelligence. These people lack the ability to ‘read the room’ during the interview. One way to effectively evaluate emotional intelligence is to ask candidates about their previous challenges or failures in past jobs. Capable candidates won’t be afraid to take accountability for their past and will be quick to point out how they were able learn from each situation and will have a knack for getting to the heart of the question. As a hiring manager – you’ll finding yourself nodding your head as they tell their story.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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