Client FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a place for both in your hiring plan. HR traditionally works with active candidates and ad postings. We build a network in the passive candidate talent pool. Our role is to identify the people your HR folks can’t and then engage them in your story to create interest in your opportunities.

It depends on the search. Often, because we’re already talking to people in the market – we can build out a short list of ideal passive candidates and reach out on your behalf, creating interest in weeks rather than months. Our average time to hire is about 34 days. More complex searches can take longer. We will discuss this with you at the start of any search.

We identify a large pool of people for your position based on an intake meeting and the details you identify as key to a successful hire. Some come from our existing relationships; many are identified from other resources to cast as wide a net as possible to bring the best people to you. We run a multi-touch outreach campaign on your behalf, telling your story. We bring you prequalified and interested candidates to consider. We share their story with you, and we advise you throughout the evaluation process. And ultimately, we assist you in the best method to make the hire.

No company is too small. If you desire to grow, top-grade your hiring, open a new market, and offer new and interesting services to your clients, we can help you find the right match. Often a smaller company with more room to grow has an in-demand opportunity.

Absolutely. While our process guards against unlikely turnover, we understand the need to secure the hire. We offer a guarantee tailored to the program that fits your hire best.

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