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Here’s what to expect.

We want to understand what matters most to you. Our first step is a 10-minute discovery call to gain an understanding of your current situation and what could be interesting to you. What you would consider career expanding. Once we understand that, we’ll bring you the confidential market opportunities that match up. No pressure, it’s your career and your decision is the one that matters. Even if you decide you’re not interested, you will still make a professional connection with someone in your industry.

We’ll share the opportunities we feel match with your goals as they become available.  We share the company, the manager, the culture, the specifics that match up with your stated interest. If something catches your interest, we’ll set things in motion for you to evaluate the opportunity. Remember, you decide the pace of exploring something new.

When you give us the green light, we’ll present your interest and the specific career elements you want in a new role; whether that’s career advancement, remote options, larger markets, work flex, or specific benefits. At this stage, we share your history and professional background as well. We’ll coordinate meetings and conversations on your behalf, after you give us the authorization to move forward with an opportunity.

Our clients understand the need to maintain confidentiality as you explore. Your interest will not be shared outside of our firm and the people at the firm you selected to meet. If at any point you decide to stop – it’s our job to handle that with the firms you’re considering. We do that with an eye toward keeping the door open for future possibilities.

We help you throughout the process – With information and insight into the firm, the people, and the opportunity. We assist you with comparison to other opportunities, interview preparation and follow up. Once you make the decision to move forward with a new position – we’ll help you manage your exit with your current company to maintain that relationship as well. We understand what a small market the insurance industry is and know that you want to keep your excellent industry reputation throughout the process. Your friends will remain your friends.

We support you from the first call through negotiating the offer, including salary/compensation, benefits & PTO, bonuses, and remote work. Whatever you need in the offer, it’s our job to help you get it. And then, once you’ve accepted a new position, we’ll coach you through resignation and the transition to your new role.

Whew! You did it! A career transition can be stressful. Our role is to make it easier by providing support, influence, and advice that is focused on your best interest. You’re the one who will do the work, we’re here to make that as relaxed as possible. So, congratulations and enjoy your new position – you’ve earned it!

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What you want to know about us

Industry experts – Market Knowledge – We know the culture and leadership of the companies we represent – We have deep market connections – We have an intimate understanding of who our clients are and what it’s like to work there, how they operate, what their business plans are and why they may be interesting to you – We know how their growth goals could improve your career, what the career path will be, what technology they use, what the team make-up is.

We’re a team of industry experts watching out for you!

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