What’s Wrong with Your Hiring Process?

What’s Wrong with Your Hiring Process?

Although there may not be a single perfect hiring process, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid. There are also some recommended steps to take, in order to ensure that you have the most effective hiring process possible. Here are a few common mistakes companies make in their hiring process that keep them from gaining the best talent possible.

Over-screening the candidate.

Traditionally, companies will vet the candidate extensively by either grilling them during an interview and unknowingly looking for reasons NOT to hire them. This is not an attraction-based model or an effective recruiting process. The candidate leaves feeling turned off and thinking, “I’m not sure I want to work with them.” Instead, the interview team should be proactively exploring how the candidate’s experience and background could be a match for the position.

When hiring managers don’t prepare.

The primary focus should be on recruiting a range of highly qualified candidates. The best way to assure success is to prepare for every interaction with a candidate. We expect certain behaviors from candidates, that they be on time and come prepared and ready to discuss their background, achievements, and skill fit. We need to be just as prepared. Be on time, know who you’re meeting with, come prepared to explain the role and the company plan. How the role could expand over time, what you see in their background that suits the role. What’s in it for them when they are hired.

Not attracting the candidate.

Hiring managers are responsible for attracting candidates to their company. Your questions should help uncover valuable information regarding a candidate’s qualifications and suitability and should also focus on attracting them at the same time. For instance, instead of asking “Why did you job hop for the last ten years,” instead, ask f “What did you learn from that experience?” Then, evaluate their answer in a constructive manner. In this market, candidates have a lot of options. Be sure that you’re not overlooking talent based on impressions and not facts.

Not getting to know the candidate as an individual.

Even though a candidate’s resume can provide a good snapshot of their education, experience, and other qualifications, it doesn’t provide evidence of their ability to work well with the rest of your team. When take the time to establish a comfortable rapport with a candidate, know them on a more personal level, you’ll quickly be able to determine how well they will work with you AND your team.

Too many hiring managers become overly complacent by narrowly focusing on a candidate’s title or position, rather than gaining a broad understanding of their experience. Don’t wing it. Do your research and be prepared. The main goal should be to learn as much as you can about each and every candidate that might not appear on their resumes. Concentrate on how they handle your questions, what stories they share and how they speak about their former employers. Then, contact their references to learn more about their personal and professional reputations. Don’t phone it in or work “on the fly.”


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